If you want to get involve and contribute to African Digital Career, you are more than welcome. Here you will find several ways to contribute.

Ways to contribute

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Share information

You can help by shareing your knowlege, wether it is by writhing job description, sharing information about how to land specifi jobs, market information regarding tech jobs in Africa, university-degree trainings, events and so on.

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Speak at an event

You can speak at one of our live event or at our annual gathering to share your experience and help others launch a career in your area of expertise.

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Sponsor an event

You can sponsor  one of our live event or the annual gathering and contribute to our mission.

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Other Initiatives


Help those who have little to get a (proper) meal. Share you initiatives with the community, get people involved.


Sometimes, people believe they do not deserve to get a degree, they cannot achieve their goals.

Share you experience with local schools, encourage boys and girls to dream bigger and help them achive those dreams.

Join our mentorship programme to make a difference.

Check on Your Elderly Neighbors

Many elderly people are living alone and have no one to help, most of the time because their next of kins are living too far away. You can do something about it and help them.