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Stronger Together

Welcome to the African Digital Career Website

This community is dedicated to hlping students and young professional achieve a successful career in the digital space.

This community is about more than that. It is also about helping each other, building the world we want to live in and, the world we want to bequeath to future generations.

Join us in our efforts to help our community.

Latest News

Local Initiatives


Help those who have little to get a (proper) meal. Share you initiatives with the community, get people involved.


Sometimes, people believe they do not deserve to get a degree, they cannot achieve their goals.

Share you experience with local schools, encourage boys and girls to dream bigger and help them achive those dreams.

Check on Your Elderly Neighbors

Many elderly people are living alone and have no one to help, most of the time because their next of kins are living too far away. You can do something about it and help them.

Community Forum

This forum is the place were we can share initiatives, find information regarding digital career, offer mentorship and much more.

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